Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. There’s no denying their popularity. But are all cupcakes the same? How can you tell? There are 3 basic criteria for evaluating a cupcake:

  1. Presentation/Look
  2. Taste/Flavour
  3. Practicality


What’s your overall impression upon seeing the cupcake? Does it look attractive? Does it have the proportions you would expect? Is it short and wide, tall and thin or in between? Does it have a professional look?

How has it been decorated and how many options do you have when it comes to the icing, whether it be flavours, colours or accent pieces like flowers? Are there only a few choices or can it be customized to your specific event?


Go ahead, take a bite. Is it moist and full of flavour? Is there flavour in the cupcake itself or does it come mostly from the icing? Some cupcake shops have only basic cake flavours and vary the theme with the icing. To get a better sense of the quality of the cupcake we suggest tasting the cake and icing separately.

Is the cake moist? Is it flavourful or were you hoping for more? What about the icing? Does it have a smooth texture or is it a bit gritty? Do you like the flavour? Is it overly sweet or taste like eating a block of butter? Keep in mind there are lots of different types of buttercream icing so tasting the icing from each baker is essential.

What about the cake to icing ratio? Some places will pile up the icing and while it can look nice, when it’s time to eat it’s icing with some cake as opposed to what it should be, which is cake with some icing. Does the icing come close to the edge of the cupcake or is it mostly in the middle such that the first bite is mostly cake with little icing?


How was the practicality of eating it? By that we mean was the cupcake so tall and/or the icing piled so high that you can’t bite into it without getting icing on your nose? While piling the icing high can look nice, it’s not very practical when it’s time to eat.

Our cupcakes consistently rank among the best. We see that from several sources, including the popularity of our cupcake giveaways on facebook, the feedback from our clients, and even non-clients who directly compare our cupcakes to the competition at bridal shows. There are always several people who come back around to tell us they’ve tried them all and they like ours the best.

Contact us today and let us show you how good a cupcake can be.