When it comes to your wedding we know you’re on a budget. We have yet to meet anyone who isn’t. So you should be comparing services and pricing to ensure you get the best value. However you should also keep in mind that not all cake decorators (or other professionals for that matter) have the same skills. Just because someone says they can make your cake for $50 less than someone else doesn’t mean that the finished product will look the same.

With the plethora of cake decorators in Durham Region you can undoubtedly find someone to do it cheaper. But is cheaper better? If we’re talking about a standardized product where several people are selling the identical item then of course it is. But a custom cake is anything but standard. How nice your cake looks is a direct reflection of the skills and experience of your decorator. And skill levels vary a lot.

Do they have a portfolio of past cakes? How many pictures are in their portfolio? Are all the pictures their cakes or are some of them from a magazine? Are most of the cakes they’ve done for birthdays? How much experience do they have with weddings? How long have they been making cakes? Is this a full time business or a side project?

Take a closer look at their cakes. Is the icing smooth? Are the cakes level? Is each tier the same height? What’s your overall impression of the cake? Does it say competent or wow? How do their cakes taste?

For most people the look and taste of the cake are the two most important factors but the road to get there is far from certain. How much customization do they offer? Have they done cakes similar to your style before? If not do they have the skills to do it? Are they honest enough to say if they don’t?

What about service? Are they personable and easy to talk to? Do they offer design suggestions based on what you’ve said? Do you feel comfortable working with them?

We believe our 15 years of experience, loyal customers and the endorsement of numerous local venues is worth a bit more compared to someone who’s been making cakes part time for a couple years. And if you were able to compare the finished product we’re certain you’d agree.