How much notice is needed to create a custom cake? Well, the first clue is “custom”. It’s not pre-made, simply waiting for you to order a day ahead, the only thing needed being the writing.

Nor is it limited to a few standard designs in a book. Our website has well over 100 birthday and occasion cakes and that’s just a sampling of the designs we’ve done over the last few years.

Looking for a specialty flavour such as banana, maple or chocolate hazelnut? We need time to get bananas and allow them to ripen, make the maple candy or get fresh nuts and roast them.

Perhaps you’d like a custom topper or a figurine of a favourite character for the cake. We need time to either create and dry it or order in the figurine.

We know the time and effort that goes into planning a birthday party or other event. Creating a custom cake takes time too. So while the cake is baked fresh we need time to plan and do the prep work required to have everything ready to create your masterpiece. So if you’re having a party on the weekend it would be good if you called us on Monday or Tuesday. The week before would be even better.

We understand things sometimes get forgotten so if you find yourself with a last minute order it’s best to call us. We’re busy in the kitchen, not at the computer, so your email or facebook message may not be seen until it’s too late to be able to fit it in.