We had a call recently from a woman who was making the wedding cake for her friend. She had already decorated a fake bottom tier and was getting ready to bake the top tier. It was the morning of her friend's wedding and she discovered her oven wasn't working. She called to find out if we could bake a 10" top tier that she would come pick up and then decorate herself. She needed it in 2 hours so she had time to decorate it and get it to the reception. Partly due to the timeline and partly since we didn't want to have our product associated with someone else of unknown quality we politely declined.

After my conversation with the bride's friend ended Pam and I discussed it a bit further as we certainly didn't want the bride to be disappointed. We decided to call the friend back and offer to make the entire wedding cake. She was glad to hear from us and we worked towards getting the necessary details. One important detail was what time was the reception starting? She didn't know. The groom suggested a very specific delivery time and that's all she knew. Turns out they had never actually spoken, everything was done by email. So we said ok, no problem, we'll call the venue to get the details.

Now that we had the flavour and design details we went to work. We immediately got the cakes in the oven and once baked implemented our rapid cooling process so we could start decorating. 3 hours from the end of our phone call we had the cake delivered and set up - by far a new record for us. Check out the picture below of the end result. We didn't have time to fuss over the picture as the guests were there and we were trying to minimize the disruption (and I literally had guests on 3 sides of me as I was taking the picture). All in all we were glad to have been able to ensure the bride had a great cake for her wedding.

P.s. The only reason we were able to get this done was because it was a mid-week wedding with little else needed production wise that day. Had it been a Saturday the bride would have unfortunately been without a cake.